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Revisiting Welsh Cakes

Yesterday was St. David’s Day, the patron saint of Wales. To celebrate the day, I headed to Barbara Jo’s Books for Cooks, where their resident Welsh cook, Mark, taught patrons … Continue reading

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The Easiest Meal Ever

The French call it Papillote. In English, this means cooking in parchment paper. At La Cuisine in Paris, where I spent 3 days learning to cook French staples, we learned … Continue reading

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Summer Sole in 10 Minutes

It’s summer in Vancouver, even though it’s still early May. Clear blue skies and sunshine for days in a row now. But in my humble abode, heat rises to my … Continue reading

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Let Us Eat Cake

When I lived in Toronto and told people I was from Vancouver, their familiar refrain was, “but it rains there.” Of course it rains! How else would this glorious city … Continue reading

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Tomato Soup … An Autumn or Spring Sensation

Autumn 2010, Toronto. Autumn that year was brisk days with alternating cloud cover and sun. Vivid green and crimson leaves brushed the skyline and the sultry heat of summer was … Continue reading

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Purple Rice … Memories of Prague

The year I lived in Prague, there was a restaurant Nicole and I frequented called the Mahla Buddha. In those days, on our salaries of about $400 US dollars a … Continue reading

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